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High-volume OCR (optical character recognition) processing.  Scalable solution uses a server farm and off-the-shelf OCR software to perform realtime OCR processing on scanned images.
Time saving utility for checking CDM High School student grades and teach websites.  Free download.
Fast and easy utility to encrypt and decrypt your documents.  Uses Rijndael / AES encryption using a 256 bit key and Cipher Block Chaining (CBC).
PicRenameIt 3.1
Organize your digital camera pictures with this easy to use software.  Many digital cameras name their files with names such as DSCN0001.JPG or PC020005.JPG.  This utility allows you to rename, renumber and resize your files quickly and easily.  The software works with files produced by all digital cameras including Canon, Sony, Nikon, Olympus, and Kodak.

Map Pedometer Website

The Map Pedometer website is a Google Maps Pedometer which allows you to calculate distance traveled for running, walking, cycling, or other activities. By marking points along the Google map, the google pedometer / map pedometer feature will compute the distance of your route. Elevation graphs are available which allow you to display the elevation changes along your route.


Newport Software NSWatch provides a quick and easy way to monitor your children's computer activity.  Easy to use software provides real-time screen snapshots and activity logs.  Computer activity can be viewed using Internet Explorer.


Newport Software NBPLCheck provides a quick, easy, and FREE way to manage your Newport Beach Public Library accounts. 


Free utility to update file modification dates for a single file or all files in a folder. 


Free utility to automatically lock a Windows Mobile  phone.  Customized for the HTC Touch Pro 2.  This program will lock the Touch Pro 2 when the display is turned off.


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