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WMLock is an automatic locking programming for Windows Mobile phones.  The software was built specifically for the HTC Touch Pro 2 running Windows Mobile 6.1.  This program makes it easy to auto-lock your HTC Touch Pro 2. 

Are you tired off dialing random people when you thought your phone was off?  This program helps solve the problem by locking the phone whenever the display is turned off.  On the HTC Touch Pro 2, the display will be turned off when pressing briefly on the power button.  The display will also turn off due to the timer which is configured via the Power settings.  When the display turns off, the phone will automatically lock.


  • Program automatically starts when the HTC Touch Pro2 is powered on.
  • Auto locks the HTC Touch Pro 2 after you briefly press the power button to turn the display off.
  • Auto locks the HTC Touch Pro 2 when the display is turned off due to your power settings.
  • Will not auto lock the HTC Touch Pro 2 during a phone call in order to prevent the disabling of the touch screen.
  • Available free of charge.
  • Provided as-is with no warranty.  Use of the software is governed by the software agreement provided with the software.
  • Download the zip file, extract the files, read and agree to the license before installing the software, install the cab file, and then turn your phone off.  When you turn your phone back on, the program will be active.
  • Extremely small footprint.  The program is only 8K.
  • Download for free by clicking HERE

Additional Information:

  • After installation, you must power your phone off and then restart your phone in order to start WMLock.
  • The program will not show up in the task manager. 
  • WMLock can be uninstalled completely using the "Remove Programs" settings tool.
  • The program has not been tested on other Windows Mobile phones.  However, it should work on Windows Mobile 6.1 phones.
  • Feel free to contact us using the link below if you have any difficulties with the program.  We would also like to hear from you if you are using this on a phone other than the HTC Touch Pro 2.

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