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Grid OCR Development

Design and implementation of GridOCR software which provides the capability for high-volume OCR (optical character recognition) processing.  Scalable solution uses a server farm and off-the-shelf OCR software to perform realtime OCR processing on scanned images.

Embedded Systems Development

Design and implementation of firmware for a device which enables large scale scanner deployment, management, and scanning via a thin client.  Intel IXP4XX processor running Redhat Linux 2.6.  Firmware and web services developed in C++.  Management utility developed in C#.

Network Management and Quality of Service

Design and implementation of a Web-based application providing real-time one-way IP network QoS performance reporting, SLA management and verification, VoIP quality analysis, real-time network alarms via SNMP and email, MPLS IP VPN capability, and measurement service configuration.  Application  is a Java/XML Web application with 24x7 availability, running on Sun Solaris, Oracle 8i, and BEA WebLogic Server.

Ported the Cisco Resource Manager network management software from Sun Solaris to Windows NT.  The software uses a browser based front end, Java applets, and Java/C/C++/Perl server code.  Developed NT Perl DBI code which interfaces with an NT Perl ODBC package.  Ported Unix C/C++ source code to Windows NT C/C++.

Developed the Cisco Y2K Compliance Assessment Tool which enables Cisco clients to verify the Y2K conformance status of their Cisco devices.  The software uses a browser based front end, Java applets, Java/C/C++/Perl server code, and a relational database back end.  Released Solaris and NT versions.

Web Content Management

Development of a content management solution using Open Market's Content Server and Content Centre products.  Development of a scalable, extensible, web solution using XML, HTML, SQL, Java, JavaScript, Oracle 8i, SQL Server, Netscape Enterprise Server, and Netscape Application Server.  Design and development of the site architecture, custom templates, elements, workflow, and personalization.  Management and direction of project staff.

Network Protocol Development

Project management, architecture, design, implementation, and testing of a SAN network interface card (NIC) Simulator for Microsoft's "Windows Sockets Direct Path for System Area Networks".  The San NIC Simulator consists of a user-mode Windows Sockets base service provider DLL, Simulator service program, and a Simulator configuration program running on Windows 2000.

Project management, architecture, design, implementation, and testing of the Winsock 2 Request Reply network communication protocol.  The Winsock 2 network protocol extension for Windows 2000 enables an application to send a request and receive a matched reply using the Windows Sockets interface.  The network communication protocol is implemented as a user-mode Windows Sockets Service Provider DLL that is layered over a reliable transport protocol such as TCP.

Compiler/Debugger Development

Designed and implemented a symbolic C source level debugger for the Rockwell AAMP2/2-8 embedded processor. Debugger runs on Windows 95/NT and communicates with the Rockwell custom in-circuit emulator through the serial port. The debugger is a 32-bit multithreaded application with a GUI interface.  Responsible for the overall design of the debugger, thread creation and synchronization, serial communication with the debugger target, expression parser, symbol table creation and management, and the GUI interface. Software written in C and C++ using MFC.

Enhanced and maintained an ANSI C toolchain for the Rockwell AAMP2/2-8 embedded processor. Toolchain consists of a compiler, debugger, linker, librarian, and related tools. Development platform is MS-DOS/Windows 3.1/Windows 95 and target processor is the Rockwell AAMP2/2-8.

Project management, architecture, design, implementation and testing of a COBOL compiler for Intel 80x86 compatibles running Windows 3.1. Responsible for overall compiler design and code sequences, project schedule and coordination of development with engineering staff in Japan.

Developed the IOSTREAM C++ input/output class library for a C++ compiler.

Designed, implemented and tested ANSI C compilers for HP9000/400 (M68040) workstations running HP-UX and IBM 370 compatibles running OSF/Unix.

Developed a compiler global optimizer which performs common expression elimination, strength reduction, loop transformations, induction variable elimination and copy propagation.  Developed register remapping software. Designed an instruction scheduler for the M68040.

Aerospace Development

Design and development of software for a NATO Command and Control System.  Development of a context-free grammar generator, lexical analyzer, and parser for automatic message processing.  Designed, implemented and tested an interactive database front end system.  Designed, implemented and tested software which processes digitized map data.  Developed database validation software.  Optimized the performance of database queries.  Created and conducted classes on database internals, performance and design.

Enhanced and maintained a web based application which enabled the retrieval and storage of project specific data.  Architecture included Windows NT, Microsoft IIS, ASP, JavaScript, and Oracle 8i.

Financial Systems

Designed, implemented and tested software to create financial rate charts using FORTRAN.

Windows NT/2000 Low Level Software

Designed, implemented, and tested software which loads arbitrary code in to an application's process space, intercepts library function calls, and then invokes specific code within the loaded code module.

Designed, implemented, and tested software which can modify an existing executable so that the executable can only be invoked using a specific client application.  Solution involves on-the-fly patching of assembly code in to a loaded executable.

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