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Newport Software CryptFast is a fast and easy utility to encrypt and decrypt your documents.  CryptFast uses Rijndael / AES encryption to create secure documents.


  • Strong Rijndael / AES encryption using a 256 bit key and Cipher Block Chaining (CBC).
  • Easy to use Windows interface.
  • File name can be entered via text box, browse dialog, or a drag/drop operation from Windows Explorer.
  • Password verification to help ensure that the password was entered correctly.
  • Automatically determines whether to encrypt or decrypt files.


The Windows interface is simple to use.  Simply specify the file name and password to encrypt or decrypt a file.  Below is the user interface:

Enter a file name by typing in the text box, using a browse dialog, or drag and drop from Windows Explorer.

Click on the Encrypt button.  The Status field will update indicating when the encryption has completed.

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